Stepan Chubaev
Andromeda Syndrome
Andromeda syndrome is a rare mental disorder that affects people with fragile soul and bright eyes, as well as those who are acutely aware of the presence of invisible spots on white paper. Symptoms include: fatigue increased irritability, mirages, dreams indistinguishable from reality, and excitation at the sight of certain combinations of colors and shapes. At the initial stage, Andromeda syndrome can be detected in dizziness and loss of memory. According to some patients, two or three weeks after the first dizziness, they began to feel the "viscous space and the resistance of viscous" in cloudy weather. The final stage of the disorder is revealed in attacks of muscular spasms, accompanied by short-term hallucinations. Those who have experienced attacks compare with the physical struggle of color and form in abstract spaces. Each subsequent image in the series illustrates a new step of pathology, moving away from the real world, and approaching the world of hallucinations.
Selected Artworks